"A giant octopus-orgy of brilliant minds."

"I roll persuasion on myself to gain a placebo effect" ~Saint

"Introducing you to new technology and futuristic opportunities. Check it out. It is up to you to create the future you want."

What is a Hackerspace?

Montana Ethical Hackers is a Hackerspace.  A hackerspace is a place in which people with an interest in computing or technology can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

Here are some of our wacky facilities:  

  • Engineering Bay(Homemade CNC LASER and 3DPrinter)
  • Electronics room(Fumigator, Wall of components, Oscilloscope, Arduino/Pi/PICs)
  • Crafts room(looms, sewing machines, stickers/paper, paints, colored pencils, chop saw, sander, jig saw, drill)
  • Classroom(only holds 5 students)
  • F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Arena
  • 107.9FM Radio Station
  • 2 business incubation chambers
  • An onsite "parish" where Saint lives w to rapidly respond to serious problems.

We also play D&D on Saturday nights.

Here are some of our other "wins"

    Ductless Fumigation Hood

    Collected: $0.00
    Goal: $3,100.00

    Data Recon Components

    Collected: $0.00
    Goal: $100.00
    Stuff to build an ISO 9000 clean box. So hackback! Much Cow!

    3D Reality Mapping

    Collected: $0.00
    Goal: $500.00
    Google drive is so last decade...

    Become a member

    When you're a member you will

      Have 24/7 access to equipment(pending vetting process & bg check)
       Have access to 3-4 events/gatherings a week.  Show to any or none of them!
       Find brilliant and friendly companionship at a neutral and techy location
      Obtain $10 off MOP shop membership while you are a MEHimber
      Enjoy table/boardgames or even videogames(including Atari 2600)
      Begin your journey as you awkwardly "level up" in real-life MEH paths

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    312 Fuller Ave, Helena MT

    Next to US Bank

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